Whether wet or dry, always make sure you cut clean hair. Hair that is coated with fixatives (hair spray, mousse, etc.) or chemicals (perm solution, relaxer) may cause the blades to nick or, in the case of chemicals, deteriorate and rust the blades rendering them irreparable. Other substrates such as paper or even synthetic hair can damage the blades.

1) Keep your scissors away from clips, brushes, combs, and other implements, which can cause accidental damage to the blades and avoid contact with any comb sterilization, colour or perm solution. When not in use, ensure that the scissors remain closed to prevent accidental chipping to the edges.

2) If your scissors no longer cut all the way to the tips, or the blades grind together and pull or push the hair, then your scissors should be serviced.

3) To optimise the performance of your scissors you must regularly clean and adjust them! Don’t leave your scissors in your work area. Forcing scissors through a haircut could severely damage the edges, so make sure that the scissors you are using are not too light for the task in hand.

4) Carefully rinse your scissors with warm water and dry them with a paper towel but do NOT rub the sharp edges with the paper towel and remove all hair and moisture, paying particular attention to the screw/pivot area.

5) Complete cleaning with the leather cloth, which Massugu has provided. Adjust and check your scissors’ tension.