Our mission is to create exceptional, high-quality shears, meticulously crafted from selected high-end materials. 20+ years experience in the industry has led to the creation of a range of professional tools that are engineered to perform on a daily basis.

Every tool has been designed and tested to provide excellent performance. Form, Function and Quality are the cornerstones of our brand ethos. With these 3 criteria in mind, our goal has always been to create an outstanding array of tools, enhanced by traditional craftsmanship.

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This Jewellery will be our new scissors for 2023. The name 椋(KI) which means “Tree" in Japanese, or 椋 (KI) which can mean mood/feelings / mind is a nice play on words in our way of thinking. Available in 5.5, 6.0 and 6.5 inches, with sandalwood handles in black-red and nature. Their opstanding screw makes it easy to set them to the correct setting and the built-in ball bearing adds a gentle cutting effect. In short, a great pair of scissors for any enthusiast!î

Why choose massugu scissors and shears?

As history shows, the Japanese consider their decisions carefully both in private and in business. In pursuit of perfection they combine form and function by way of continuous re-evaluation and reflection. Perfection also entails attention to detail, planning and thinking ahead.