Massugu™ offers high quality Japanese scissors, thinners and razors, which will give you the technical precision and creative expression you should expect from your hairdressing tools. We continually invest in research and development to provide you a comprehensive range of professional tools, which complement your skills. Whether you are a student or a platform artist, every hairdresser will find a perfect fit, while remaining mindful of your budget.

Your skills as a hairdresser depend on the scissor you choose. Our success is in your hands.

More about Massugu

Our latest new shears name is HOSHI NERO!

Titanium is used to apply unique colors to the steel surface of a scissor. The coating has no impact on the edge retention or overall performance of the shear, because it is not applied to the edge of the shear. Next to this titanium coatings are allergy friendly, because it is 100% nickel free, and corrosion resistance, because the coating creates a layer of protection for the steel which even keeps the blades sharp for a longer period of time.

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Why choose massugu scissors and shears?

As history shows, the Japanese consider their decisions carefully both in private and in business. In pursuit of perfection they combine form and function by way of continuous re-evaluation and reflection. Perfection also entails attention to detail, planning and thinking ahead.