4.25″ Inches.


Screw – Flat ball-bearing screw

Steel type – 440 c STEEL

Hardness – 60 HRC

Blades – Concave-Convex

Ergonomics – Slightly ergonomic

Category: Special Edition


HACHIDORI, which means humming bird in Japanese, is our smallest member of the family. It might seem like a rare bird to you, but once you experience the effortless of sliding and slicing, you may easily fall in love with it.

With its short blades it is the ultimate tool to quickly create movement through the hair without the risk of removing too much hair at the time. Thinning, contouring and making incisions in split ends is a piece of cake for every hairdresser!

Good to know. HACHIDORI comes with a special designed pouch, which you can hang around your neck, so this little bird is always there to grab in a sec.!