Massugu Mini Trimmer

This Trimmer with 40mm blade head, DC power driving and sharp steel blades is a perfect tool for a professional use that cuts down to 0,2 mm. It is a super fast and smooth machine with 7000rpm and integrated skin protection system.

To achieve the highest sharpness and longer life time, the cutting blades are made from 440 stainless steel from Japan, 62-63 degree Rockwell hardness. The material also helps to keep the temperature low and the blades are resistant to rust.

Time of charging is 2 hours, working time is 4 hours.

+ Comb attachments 1,5-4,5-6mm.
+ Blade protector
+ Clening brush
+ 10cc oil bottle


Note: The Trimmer. photo show a Silver machine, but the real machine is made in lovely Gun Grey.